Tenet – Movie review

Tenet so I went to go see Tennant Christopher Nolan’s ninth film obviously I’m a massive Christopher Nolan fan, so I was really looking forward to seeing this film – also because it’s got Robert Pattinson in and anyone who knows me knows, I’m a massive Robert Pattinson fan.

 I’m missing some really good niche movies um obviously Twilight was the main reason of how he got onto the screen which I’m a huge fan of that as well, that’s my self-therapy movie, but anyway I’m digressing.

 So yeah I went to go see Tenet and it blows your mind don’t go see it if you want to chill out movie you want to relax it’s not that kind of film – go see it when you focused, probably a morning film I’d say? make sure you’ve got plenty of snacks because you’re going to need the brain food to take in what it’s going on.

To get the concept of it erm it’s basically about … well – there’s no simple way for me to describe it it’s about the concept of time and how time can be manipulated especially how you travel through time “inversion” so you can go forwards and backwards – and as a former media student and someone that is loved messing around with editing and film making previously and really enjoyed the simple ways that they gave you clues so you knew who was travelling forward who was travelling backwards this won’t make any sense to you right now but when you’ve seen the film it will all become clear!

The trailer doesn’t really give much away, although it’s very intense watching the film is even more intense because it’s constantly revealing things and I feel like throughout the film I’m going oh right I get it now and then you feel like you need to go back? it’s going to be one of those films that when you’ve watched it in the cinema when it comes out on DVD now you want to watch it a couple of times again because there’s going to be things that you’ve missed!

To pick up on the ending of the film without giving too much away I feel I do feel like there will be another one it’s got to be I feel like this is just the beginning of the journey for Tenet there’s a lot of talk about World War 3 and it’s some of the storyline is a bit loose and I feel like when the next film comes out with that again without giving too much away we’ll get more of an insight into what Tenet is about and where it’s come from and things like that but the main thing is the acting is outstanding, the action is outstanding – everything about the film gave me massive bouts of anxiety which isn’t a bad thing I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and I constantly found myself in my head saying “this is an amazing idea this is an amazing concept like why is no one thought of this before”

My husband, he went to watch the film with me he struggles with things like that and said it was a bit too farfetched and it blew his mind too much but I really really enjoyed it and for like sci fi conspiracy theory you know futuristic geeks like me this is a really interesting idea that I feel has a lot to be explored I definitely right this film a 10 out of 10, but definitely recommend you to watch it.

 It’s definitely a must watch movie people have compared it to inception I don’t think it’s on the same wavelength as inception at all it’s – it’s completely different yes it does mess around with your mind but in a completely different way it doesn’t trick you into anything you don’t go down one path and then end up out of another so yeah I really enjoyed this film so yeah go see it!


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