Quarantine life and my lack of productivity

So this year should have been me seizing the opportunity and getting more writing done, I have done a little, but I also have done a lot of procrastinating, and well – a lot of nothing.

I am my own worst enemy when it comes to doing the best. You constantly see conflicting posts “Don’t feel guilty for doing nothing – just do you!” and “Learn a new language, take up a new hobby!”

To be perfectly honest, this whole experience began with it not really affecting me, and the closer we get to a potential end, the more its consuming me. I sleep more, pretty much all day, and spend all night feeling guilty about the things I should be doing during the day. I’m having work anxiety – we have been allowed to work less days and more hours, I don’t know if I will cope switching back to longer weeks, and the pressure of not having plans to commit to again – well, that bothering me too.

This entire situation has shown me that even in isolation, there are fears and pressures that you cannot escape, and that I really need to look inside myself to see why I am reacting in this way, and help transition into a better routine.

So – here goes guys. I’m gunna try!!!


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