Editing Update February 2020

So – as I am writing this i have condensed my book a little – i am editing what originally was Chapter 7 – which is now Chapter 5. I have cut tremendous amounts, and i am still to totally deconstruct and re-insert chapter 1 throughout the book. I saw someone post on twitter ” I just learned that someone is editing their book by going through each chapter – and re-writing it? WTF”

well – thats exactly what i am doing.

I started this book over 3 years ago, my writing style has blossomed and is constantly improving and changing – as i go back through i am able to recognize easy mistakes and where i can make the book more interesting, I would secretly like to have this book finished and be ready to querie at the end of this year, so i think i am on track.

I have several self editing books to help me get started, and i also bought a book that helps you write your proposals and send them off to publishing companies, as i am determined to do it the old fashioned way.

So yeah – that’s where i am with it all. I’ll try and do an update each month! But i am ahead of my editing target!


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