The Witcher – worth the hype? #Bookreview2

So, I played the game on my PS4 a few years back, and yes, I enjoyed it. And like I always used to, someone recommended I read the book and yes – I purchased it, but did I read it?


Since the show came out on Netflix, I have felt so inspired and creatively driven, its a work of art, and absolutely amazing. So I heeded the old advice, and got out the book, and wow.

In Between reading the next book by Emma Newman, I am also reading the Witcher books, and It’s a series of short stories, which would appeal to me usually, i think this is what initially put me off, but it really works so well. I am enjoying it so much.

What else has made me happy about this, is because of its success, the game is now back to being one of the top played games, and the book – is back in the charts.

All because of a TV series. Wow.

Anyway, I am going to play it (again) alongside reading the books, and hopefully 2021 will come quickly, as I cannot wait for season 2.

If you haven’t read it or played the game – click on the images below to order. I cannot recommend enough!

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