The Crow Series

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The extraordinary space timeline that bridges our present day to the sci-fi future – as predicted by endless generations. The upcoming author of The Crow Series begins with a distant future science fiction thriller, in which a confused human girl Atlas Crow has to rebuild her life when her parents have failed to join her on the family migration to deep space – the off world ship Austrini, and she wakes up alone – her parents never left Earth. When 3 years pass, and her parents are due to arrive, she is preparing to find out what happens, she meets a Pathfinder called Nate Hanson that informs her ship arrived early, and that half the passengers are missing. Relationships she has developed during the 3 years on board Austrini become questionable, and Atlas begins to doubt everyone around her, as she fights to find out the truth behind her parents disappearance. Alone and pushed beyond her breaking point, Atlas depends on her best Friend Tidus, to help her get to the bottom of what has happened, but the deeper she investigates into her parents, the more she realises they have been hiding from her.

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