About the Author

I do not like writing about myself so here we go….

I am 15 x 2.

I live in the western hemisphere on the largest island in Europe.

My village is named after the patron saint of Cyprus, one of Jesus’s disciples.

My favourite things to do are write down my incomprehensible theories on space due to my poor memory. I enjoy filling the gaps with my own interpretations, hence my beginnings in writing.

I was born under the 7th Astrological air sign. I love balance.

My cat identifies as a human child.

My actual job is like data logging for the Alien franchise, apart from its humans, and tiny xenomorphs coming out of them is normal.

I am the same height as Angelina Jolie.

My favourite childhood movie was Willow.

So…totally all irrelevant to my book – if you have any questions, feel free to ask!