Book review the subtle art of not giving a **** by mark Manson

this is a bit of a controversial one for me personally because this book is brilliant as it is and it’s just real is so real and raw when you are listening to his storeys and the way he explains things and tells you excerpts of his life you can relate to them on every level is hilarious and you you listening to it like Yep I’ve done something like that before and you sat there nodding and laughing along with him but at the same time the mantra of this book is very different almost the polar opposite to the followings of the ikigai so mark Manson basically goes against the whole manifestation thing doesn’t go against it it’s just a different way of looking at it so books like the secret say you have to manifest things if you want them to come into your life so you have to act as if you already have them write it down dream diary pictures of it visualise it talk it as if it’s already in hand whereas in mark Manson kind of says this toxic positivity way of thinking is delusional and some people will not achieve these things so you have to recognise the best way to be in some situations is just not care so he gave examples of like when he was at work but he just didn’t care about his job anymore no no amount of manifesting was going to change his situation and it wasn’t until he accepted his reality that things in his life started to change so he’s gone from you know the typical manifestation process of changing your life where you have to change the way you think and be positive his way of thinking was I’m just done this is it like I’ve had enough now things things are going to change but for now I’m just going to accept things as they are and I’m just not going to care about it and it seems to me that both are similar but very different and they both work a lot of points in this book that are really helpful especially for people that are anxious and do care about what people think like I’m getting better at that but this book definitely helped me with it we know not taking it out of the peoples perspective and realise in that not every intricate detail or materialistic aspects of your life or the aesthetics of your life are really important it’s not about that at all where is it I think sometimes people read the secret I’ve noticed this on a lot of celebrities that retweet quotes from the secret and influences say that very loosely but use the book the secret I find this very different like they got lucky they definitely got lucky they say that they live by this the secret mantra no you’ve got loads of subscribers and sponsors it’s not the same like manifestation and positive thinking and positive affirmations is a lot more than a one a nice car it’s about the way you think about yourself and you personally not your athletics an I do think a lot of people read the secret um and think it’s some kind of manifestation cult to get rich but it’s not like that not when you get to the bottom of it and do your research so yeah the subtle art of not giving a foot by mark Manson I’ve definitely recommend this after reading the secret and seeing how people have used it to manifest things this book brings you back down to earth and makes you realise it’s it’s not a magic book it’s not like Harry Potter you not Hogwarts she can’t just click your fingers and learn how to manifest things out of thin air genuinely is all on you and it’s a lifestyle change so yeah along with the other books that I’ve said in my other blog posts this is a really really good book and I definitely recommend it if you are not a strong reader and you’re not that bothered about reading get it on audible because that’s even funnier like listening to it when you’re driving around in the car on the way to work and just gets you pumped for works it’s just so real so yeah definitely definite recommend I’d give this one an 8 out of 10

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