Book review the little book of ikigai by Ken Mogi

This book for me went hand in hand with the ikigai book that Josh Connelly recommended for me to read, I started listening to it on audible on my way to work just to get a deeper understanding the origins of ikigai really and what it meant the history of it is very interesting, the fact that it is a lifestyle choice was very relevant to me at the time because I felt like I was going through a massive change in myself, and this book explained how to appreciate the simple things in life and recognise that they can benefit you too so looking at this and I’m listening to it really helped me understand the book and what I need to do to be able to find my ikigai and what my essentially what my purpose in life is it’s a lot harder than you think, I’ve done a lot of talking to friends and family about myself – sounds a bit narcissistic to try and get to the root of what my ikigai is and from what I’ve gathered what brings me happiness and what could serve a purpose to help others but also make me money, would be like it counsellor, a life coach things like that will I do it maybe one day maybe I can incorporate my writing or my art into it but this book is so good, at explaining how ancient ways of life in the there’s like 7 countries in the world where the life expectancy of people is like 85 plus and the pace of life is so much lower like stop rushing slow down enjoy the moment you know um you nothing certain we don’t know if this is our only life and if it is your only life on earth you need to stop taking everything for granted when just enjoy it enjoy the simplest things don’t hate every second of your life and live a life that is full of misery and no purpose make it meaningful and this book really helps you get to the bottom of that and figure out what it is listening to these storeys have other people that have put it into practise and this the enjoyment that they get from doing things really gives you perspective as to what your choices are with your career as well so I like my job but I don’t bounce out of bed to go to it if someone said to me you don’t have to go into work today I wouldn’t be like no no I want to I would be like great I can stay in bed so working for the NHS is not my ikigai as much as I love it but yeah one day I’ll find it I guess and yeah if anyone is struggling with things like this wanting a career change feeling a bit uncertain in the future is on a bit of a crossroads definitely read up on ikigai couldn’t recommend it enough again books that go hand in hand with it about the secret the book by vex King good vibes good life all three of these books will change your outlook on life I swear by it so yeah go read it.

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