Book Review – Malice by Keigo Higashino

So I read a book that isn’t my usual style, I came across this on my recommended reads and after reading a couple of reviews – people using the phrase “unexpected” and “twists” got me intregued.

I began reading this and experiencing a different style of writing – it is very plain, factual and I found it to read like more of a documentary or collection of personal journals, it is captivating but not with the language as such, more so with the story, and the fact you never really know who in the book to trust, who is telling the truth, and when you think you can predict what is going to happen – and who has done what, it completely changes.

The level of detail in the investigation is insane, when listening to the police officers account – you realise that through reading other accounts you have missed significant pieces of evidence towards finding out the truth in this entire story, and its a story that from the very beginning had me totally hooked.

I will be reading more books like this, it gave me a big push in terms of re-thinking that perhaps the language in a book doesn’t need to be fancy and descriptive, as this is plain and factual, and still works really well. Perhaps its the lack of language that leads you down paths, as you are filling in gaps with your imagination – leading yourself down the different turns of the book?

Just a thought.


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