Joke is on you

Everything is a joke to you,

Even when I’ve done wrong,

You make me laugh when I’m worried

and tell me off with your song.

You’ve raised me to be strong, resilient and kind,

But right now I’m weak, and your always on my mind,

Your not as strong as you used to be,

you are getting old,

Your humour is darker, and your slowing down, I’ve been told.

I want to protect you, but you laugh and bat me away

“Yes daughter – we all die, someday”

But it isnt funny, I’m worried, I care.

I don’t want an existance where you are not there.

I want your jokes to follow me, until I too, am grey and old,

I want to take care of you and for you to do as you are told,

But you will ignore me, and smile and just say

“Whats the worst that can happen? I will die someday!”

Your strength overwhelmes me, maybe its your way of coping,

But loosing you makes me feel like I’m choking.

I want you to be serious, just for once in your life,

no more jokes or remarks where you twist the knife,

Let me be the adult and you can do as your told,

I need to keep you safe, until you are more grey and more old.

To my very unapoloagetically hillarious Dad.

I love and miss you


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