When reading isn’t healthy…

There is madness this year, we writers wanted the world to stop for us to take a deep dive into our pieces and get them finished and polished and ready to share – and we have that – or some of us have that opertunity, but at what cost?

As a key worker (I work for the NHS) I unfortunatley cannot use this difficult and uncertain time writing, I have work, volunteering at work, and then worrying about various family members and trying to get food shopping incase it get’s even more crazy than it is now. And why am I worrying you say?

Because Reading. Reading. That is why.

It began with the statistics from China, the news, the blogs, the pictures, then the news of it traveling, the constant bombardment of the worst possible outcomes at every opertunity to be posted within the news and the media. You begin down an alley on one website, and end up reading 4 wikipedia pages on past outbreaks and virus statistics to try and educate yourself out of your panic, and it just makes it worse.

Since I finished my last book I have struggled to read – I can’t concentrate, the only peace I have when I cannot see my family as much as i would usually is to keep myself busy, I am a fidly active person – Gardening, cleaning, decorating – anything to keep me destracted. And books don’t hold me down as much as finishing a project does, my book – its too easy to click of word and wander on the news website to see what the latest death count is and i was being consumed by it.

I don’t want to be ignorant to it or blind, we are educated well at work and i take it very seriously, but in my own personal time I need to make sure it doesnt become and anchor around my world, and the same goes for everyone – yes even you!

If you have the wilpower to get lost in writing and reading then go for it, but don’t feel bad if like me, you have switched of to it for a while. It’s ok if something is overwhelming you to take a step back and have pause.

Get Clarity, take each day, weel, month as it comes – and what will be will be.

“There is no point worrying about something twice”


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