Book review – The Institute – Stephen King

Well, as I have loved Stephen King for many years – I have only read his older books, and I don’t find them that – scary? I think that is the right phrasing!

Anyway – I saw the insitute pop up and decided to give it go, I would definatley recomend this book – it is more of a thriller I would say, it has a gritty tone to it, and you don’t want to stop reading for fear of missing something.

I loved Avery – he was so cute, and Luke the true hero – what an interesting perspective of a young charecter – written so well. I loved the language used, the tone – everything sat perfectly within this story, and the charecters brought it to life.

I loved this book, it wasn’t something i would usually go for – but i enjoyed it non the less, and will be looking to read more of his later pieces as soon as I can!


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