Guilty pleasures in reading – should we be ashamed?

Hype books, trend books, books that gather the masses – soon to be made in to blockbuster films and loved by millions of people all over the world, adapted into entire worlds and universes for us to enjoy – but people – especially writers and authors pull them to pieces – why?

I have long been a Twihard (twilight) enjoyed books like The Notebook, and obsessed over the Harry Potter books, but I’m constantly seeing people being judged for it – I read reviews too, and these books are pulled to peices. Analitically, structurally – everyway you can imagine!

I’m unsure why – I think it might be a bit of a writer thing? maybe its not cool to like books with basic storylines, or stereotypes – but lets face it, the reason these books are sucessful is because there is a market for them, people relate to them, they are easy to read – they reignite a love for reading, which is something I believe should be celebrated – no matter who wrote the book and how many copies it has sold.

I have read many books now – all of them wonderful in their own right, I havent yet picked a book up and not completed it – Everybook has inspiration from somewhere – all books are similar in one way or another, and battling to find the gap or the niche just doesn’t work – sadly I think another factor in why these books do so well is the marketing, good marketing will always help, especially if people mothball the hell out of it – the book will sell itself, and just like other things – if its promoted or recomended by more than one person, your curiosity will get the better of you, and you will cave in and buy it.

So I say to hell with the critics – so what if I like a book that is similar to another 1000 – so what if my current read is a cringy romantic book – or so basically written it feels shallow and almost predictable?

As long as you enjoy it – nothing else matters.


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