Where the hell is this year going?!

Wow – Jesus. It’s almost April, this weekend I am visiting London to see the Tutankahmun exhibition before it leaves never to travel again, and I am hoping to find some good book shops for me to get treasures!

I have spent March trying to get back to organising my writing, reading even more, reading more on top of my existing books – because i have a lot of editing books and things i need to study before I go through the big re-vamp of my book. Again.

I never thought I would go through a stage where I wouldn’t feel fullfilled and satisfied with my book – but I am, its finally hit me.

I keep reading it thinking – this is no good, why have I wasted so much time, this is no where near finished, this is generic, I am not in love with this project anymore. But I think its the time of year – so I will give myself a shake, and carry on.

I have a lot of potential, I also am aware i need to stay away from familiar pitholes with my story so i will continue to develop it – along with my vocabulary as we go along. I want my book to contain sentences that cause shivers, words that make people feel – I want it to cause triggers to all the senses, not just be a flat easy read. My book needs to be an addiction. And I am working hard on getting the dosage correct (ha)

So – as I am now over halfway editing my way through the book, I will re-set my goal, to having it done for August, ready for me to “fluff” up. And get ready to be querie prepared before xmas. I will turn 31 in October so it would be nice to get it done for then, and also – on top of the 3 years of work I have already put into this book – I now have an idea for another one, just to make it even more complicated.

The joys of writing!

Hope you are all still perservering and enjoying your talents!

England x

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