Book review – Beautiful Creatures

“A long time a go…”

I bought Twilight when it first came out, and I was hooked, I hung onto everywork, and loved the simplicity of it at the time, and afterwards, I felt a hole, that couldnt be filled by any “guilty pleasure” book – (apart from the notebook!) and have often wondered if i would ever come across another “Twilight”

Well – I think I found it.

This book is captivating, I bought the entire set from Amazon a while ago, and was imediatley addicted, I have also got the Audiable book – and the voice actor again makes it a very enjoyable experience driving to work, with a southern twang to make me smile.

The story unfolds for me – at a really good pace, the descriptions and ideas are really interesting, and it feels belivable – not too far fetched (to begin with) I made the mistake of starting to watch the movie (Dont do it – they made a terrible mistake and its awful) so I shall continue on reading this series – but if like me, you have a void for teen romance novels that hasnt been filled since Twilight, definaltey give this book a go. It’s amazing.

England x

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