Zombie Fallout – Mark Tufo, a review

Well – where to begin with this book.

It was one of those random kindle purchases where it said “Free audio book” Great, I can listen to it in the car too!

and 9 hours later, I am so ready for the next 12!

The humor in this book is very me – its family guy esq/deadpool – dry sarcastic – and does not shy away from the gore details. How he describes Mike Talbots perfect nuclear family is grand – how he speaks about his wife, her mannerisms and “typical” wife/husband incidents had me laughing in hysterics on the way to work – I also put this down to on the audio book version, the narrator Sean Runnett who’s distinctive voice brought the characters to life.

A doomsday preppers dream and a sci-fi geeks best nightmare, I was gripped from the very beginning of this book – and if you have read it, I think one of my favorite characters is Tommy. And his Pop tarts.

I highly recommend this book, its awesome, its so funny but yet gritty and gripping, it has gore and detail in all the right places – 10/10 go read it if you haven’t already!


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