JoJo Rabbit – the must see movie of 2020

So, it was a gloomy post Oscars Sunday, I was full of cold and couldn’t be bothered to get dressed. I forced myself to do something other than sleep – and got settled with my better half to watch a movie I had heard a lot of fuss about – Jojo Rabbit.

Realizing it was a comedy,  poking fun at Nazi’s and Hitler, it began as a lighthearted journey down a little boys dark path to being a brainwashed soul – and then came the surprise.

I won’t spoil it for you, but this movie is heartwarming, insightful, educational, heartbreaking and soulful. I enjoyed it to my very core, the cast, script, soundtrack and even the (paper) uniforms were incredible.

I went from hysterical laughter, to throbbing tears within minutes and I loved every second of this truly compelling film.

It is easily one of my favorites, I love it – everything it captures including the unusual angles of a Nazi reality.

And also – that Hitler is this little boy’s imaginary friend, with a very weird German/Australian accent.

It got me feeling inspired anyway, what other weird imaginary friends could we have when looking back through history?


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