Top 4 books I read in January

Top 4 books in January

It’s the end of the month and time for me to share what I have been reading. I am sure at some point I will do a post on each title and a full detailed review but for now, here is what I have been reading during January 2020.

They are in no particular order as again – they don’t really have anything in common, apart from the fact they have helped me. Each in their own way.

  1. Good Vibes, Good Life – Vex King

I have seen this as one of the influencers favourites on twitter, Vex King truly has taken his knowledge and insights from life, positive thinking and reading to turn his book into a small guide to help people transform their way of life and thinking. Reading his book had me nodding on several occasions in agreement, it’s an easy read and I really enjoyed it. It left me feeling motivated and inspired.

  • Mythos – Stephen Fry

As a lover of all things historical, mythological and weird – this was incredible, I will forever have trouble remembering the order of the Gods, just as I do with the Tudors *eye roll – damn my poor memory* but this book exited me and made learning about them ever more interesting, also, brilliant name inspiration for book charecters!

  • Assertiveness at work – Ken & Kate Back

Well as someone who struggles with self confidence, this year at the grand age of 30 I am refusing to let people wear me down, and this book did the trick. I am terrible at communicating my feelings at work – even though I am more than capable, so this book really helped me “find perspective” (if you have read books like this – you will know what I mean!

  • Night Walk – Bob Shaw

I needed some horror/sci fi inspiration and came across this first edition at a charity book table in morrisons with my grandma. I picked it up for 20p and wow, what a weird world I entered, its amazing how advanced sci-fi was back in the day and this book gives me serious inspiration. I would highly recommend.

Anyway – that’s it for January, I am already on a book 2 of February so let’s see what I end up with!

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