5 Things I am trying to do more this year as a writer!

1. Read 12 new books.

I’m going to charity book shops, popping into supermarkets with book donation table’s and asking friends to do book swaps – I have my kindle app on my ipad, but I also keep books in my car, a few of my handbags have books in – so whenever the opportunity arises, I have something to read – I read a lot of fantasy books but I am also trying to get more into Thriller’s so I will list a few of my bargains later.

2. Use Audible more.

I got bored of the radio and it making me depressed and down about the world before work, and music – well I like it loud and my car just doesn’t have the speakers for it – so when I found a free trial for Audible – i jumped at the chance, I have 10 books on there at the minute – currently listening to the Witcher series, on my way to and from work and I love my new found morning and evening wind down whilst listening to books. If I car share – I’ve started listening to podcasts too – so any recommendations please let me know!

3. Make blogging a part of my schedule & plan more posts.

I love blogging so much. But I feel like my writing – I need to find my voice and get better, which hopefully in time I will. But for now, you will have to put up with my weekly blog posts and rants about as much relevant pieces, and hopefully – by the end of the year, you will see a change, and my blogging should hopefully have improved.

4. Write more original posts.

I struggle for blog content, I can’t lie to you – I look at other writer’s blogs and wonder where they get there idea’s from and I just look at my blog blankly. Well I’m writing idea’s daily now, anything that inspires me, I will pop down! so again, by the end of the year I am hoping this improves over time too.

5. Read for fun!

I started this at christmas when I got my new bookshelf installed and I feel like I have fallen in love with reading again, I’m excited to read, and I am constantly asking people if they have ready anything good. It’s not a chore, I do it all the time out of habit now – and I really enjoy it.

Anyway – thats a little bit more of my 2020 plan – have you got a plan or goals for this year?


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