2020 Plan – my goals for my book.

So – 2020 is happening, there is nothing we can do about it. (le sigh)

I am choosing to manifest my energy into positive thinking, I will no longer be a gloomy pokemon, I will achieve my goals.

I want to plan my posts for the year, get ahead with my scheduling, aim to re-edit a chapter a month, and hopefully have my book finished by the end of 2020 – and who knows – maybe even start sending query letters again.

I have learned so much this year – from the #writingcommunity alone, research, reading more and more – which was inevitable, but also really empowering.

I just wanted to add, that despite having short term memory issues due to dyspraxia, you can be a writer.

I am – not published, but I have written a book, and that in itself is enough.

So join me, in entering the new year, full of goals and dreams, we can make it happen. I promise.

So happy new year to everyone, I will be posting once a week hopefully and I have lots of useful content and advice coming up over the next few months.

My aim for my blog as a writer, is to fill the gaps with the knowledge I had to look around for on the internet when I first started and struggled to find. I want my blog to be a hub for aspiring authors to be able to come, and get information and advice, we can totally help each other through this.

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