My first negative feedback, dealing with negativity and mean people.

I would first of all like to start this by saying I can take critism, but I do belive there is a way in which you deliver it, and there is no fine line between helping and being plain damn mean.

I received this….. on twitter.

Yes.  This is from another Author.

Yes, this author writes books to help people write better.

No – I did not plea for his help.

It took my breath at first, how can someone who writes books to help authors send a message like this. there was no plea, I felt like I was being used as a way for him to big up his own ego and pull me down. Unfortunately, the other feedback I have received is absolutely nothing like this, I have since had a professional editor and an agent message me saying although my book is in the very early stages, that they are finding it really interesting, and can’t wait to see where I go with it.

I can’t expect it to be everyone’s cup of tea, but after showing this to a couple of other writers they were horrified at how unjust this feedback was. If anything, when people start writing, they will always need encouragement, positive constructive feedback, and people to help spot there strengths. If I hadn’t already had a good support network around me, and not been slightly thick skinned – I could have completely given up on my book, that I have spent 3 years writing.

So to this person, who I shall not name. I am sorry that you felt the need to send me that message. I hope your book does well, and all the best.

I will send you a signed copy of mine when it’s finished and you can use it as toilet paper or whatever derogatory idea you create for it with all the other books you have pulled to pieces.

also. if you are wondering how I stay positive – it’s this book….

4 thoughts on “My first negative feedback, dealing with negativity and mean people.

  1. Hey! I read the negative post and all I can say is shame on the person who posted it to you! Instead of constructive criticism and assistance, it seems the comment poster is a very angry, unkind, self loathing person.
    Keep writing! Believe in your work and your craft! Keep learning, listen to CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK, that is given to help not harm.
    I follow your blog and will continue to do so!
    Believe in yourself!😀


    1. Thank you for your lovely words, its people like you who make me not give up – its like we are in a little club where theres a select few that really “get it” and push each other!
      Thank you for your cheery words! I hope you are not bored of my blog yet! 🙂
      take care and stay safe x x x


  2. Sorry that person was a piece of belly button fluff, but we can’t get away from them.

    Jordan Peterson once said that using Twitter is like filling a room full of people who are having their worst day of their lives, and they take it out on anybody they can. (I think that’s a paraphrase. )


    1. I love this haha – It’s so true. Still to this day I never replied, I was so shocked at the effort of the burn he gave me haha! I might send him a picture of me holding some Sudocrem….Thank you for your support anyway – means the world! x


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