Writing – my creative space.

So, new blog post time.

I feel like having a place for your writing is really important, for me it is anyway.

Inspiration can take hold of you in the most rare of places, when you are around your home, at work, traveling, just waking up.


When your mind is open to receiving inspiration, and your aren’t clouded by negative thinking and other peoples opinions and your own worries, you realise you can use everything around you – which is why having the right tools to hand is essential.

Some of the things I have mentioned previously in posts I have decided to link and share with you – so you can see what I carry with me.

Click the images to be taken to where I got mine from!

My Ipad is essential, I honestly do not know what I did before I had one. I have a pen for it too, which is really helpful when I am using procreate and designing graphics and animations for my instagram account. It’s perfect size for most of my bags, and goes everywhere with me. I love it. totally converted.

My diary, which I will admit I chose because of what it is called! A bargain at £9, I already have important dates in the writing calendar written in, along with on my outlook app too. I put in when I have scheduled twitter events like #pitmad and dates when I am launching new blog posts or previews of my book. It’s also really handy to have so you can plan out your goals for the year. 

Pukka note pads are the one, mine has tabs too, and I use it for writing down name ideas, interesting facts I have learned, things I hear about and want to research later, and anything that comes to my mind during the day. My car too, is full of notepads!

Writing set for OCD sufferers – THIS is the one. A wide range, I love to colour code my social media networks and highlight things in books, so this was a no brainer. I love this. 

My laptop – when I am using hootsuite I need a keyboard, and although I have one on the case of my Ipad, there really is nothing like the feel of a full sized sturdy keyboard beneath my fingers. 

Before I had my ipad, I had my Amazon fire tablet, which again is amazing, and I do still have it as a spare watching device! really inexpensive and does the majority of the things any writer needs! 

Another useful tool for when you are writing, and don’t want to move – my Alexa!

Get a playlist for when you are writing, or needing inspiration and get listening! 

Anyway – let me know what you use, I am always looking for new gadgets and things for helping me write!

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