Chapter 1 reveal progress & the feedback I have received.

So, as expected I had everything planned out on hootsuite, tweets to be sent everyhalf an hour for maximum engagement, new illustrations of charecters i had created in procreate, and boom – nothing,

I checked my statistics here on wordpress and i had a measly 4 visitors. What happened?

To start with – my dates on hoot suite defaulted to ‘2020’ meaning none of them got sent. People were re-tweeting my link and liking the tweets, but not actually clicking and reading my chapter. So again, I had to go back into my excel sheet, format and re-do it, and resend all my scheduled tweets, it did work, my views did spike …

but reader wise I only got feedback from around 10 people.

Here is the feedback I received;

And I have realized they all pretty much said the same thing – to break it downi need to make a choice.

1. either split my chapter 1 up into pieces and fragment the history throughout the book itself.

2. make chapter 1 the prologue, so people read It and understand the world before they read the book.

3. change chapter 1 into a dialogue of the relationship between Atlas and Tidus and then begin the world building and breaking it down between the goings on.

In particular I am grateful for the following people on twitter

and on facebook

And can’t wait to get to work on editing again, and hopefully get more feedback after Christmas. I am dissapointed more people didn’t take the time to give it a read , but I only released it 10 days ago, there is still time, and even last night i got a lovely message from beta readers club who gave me a word document full of encouraging feedback. But I think I will do a separate post about them, and how good they have been to me!

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