My first book review – Planetfall

Emma Newman, wow. What a lady.

As an aspiring sci-fi author, for me to find a sci-fi book that I started to read, and actually enjoyed was a nice treat, as I really struggle to ‘connect’ with sci-fi books, hence why I wanted to write my own.  I have followed her on twitter for quite a while, and when I read some of the review’s I decided to start my journey into her writing world with the book ‘Planetfall’ and so far, I haven’t been disappointed.

Writing Style – structured, eloquent, easy to follow, smooth,

content – scientific, rigorous, intelligent, but not too hard to follow

characters – lesbian, Asian weaker male types, a woman who can do it all, who people depend on, strong role model,

world, weird, biology science, rather than machine – alien, graphic, well described, interesting,

bad points – beginning is a little confusing, constantly talking about a big secret, and information is just dropped on you throughout the book, sometimes its not clear when she is thinking about memories from her past

So overall, I would rate this book 7/10. I will definitely be reading the others as I am so involved in this series now and have really, really enjoyed it!

I’ve linked the book if you are interested in reading – enjoy!


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