Fitting writing into a full time work schedule…

So, most people like myself who enjoy writing don’t have the luxury of being able to survive in the #writingcommunity without a full time job.

I am lucky enough to only work 4 day’s a week, but I still need to balance my personal and social life, along with writing.

I’ve read a lot on blogs about people managing and setting schedules, but I feel like regime makes it tedious and you end up resenting it, so I try to stay passionate and motivated, the fact I cannot write before or during work makes it easier when I do find time, because I am constantly making notes on my ipad, phone or in my diary.

So first – here is a list (We all love a good list!)

1. Get notepads. Put them in every orifice. Seriously. You need to be ready when inspiration or idea’s strike. Key places – Next to your bed, handbag, coat pocket, car, drawer at work.

3.Don’t put pressure on yourself. You are in no rush, I’ve been writing my book for 3 years, I haven’t written the final chapter yet (Although I know what is going to be in it) and I am still only on my first edit. I work, and I don’t enjoy it when I rush it, plus its nice to go over it again (currently editing chapter 5) and realizing how AWFUL my writing was back then, and how much more detail I have now put into the book, in comparison to when I initially wrote it – and it was terrible.

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY – for me, I use Hootsuite, and schedule my posts. I self taught how to set up CSV files for bulk tweets to promote my blog and posts, I made animations on my Ipad in Procreate to go on my books Tumblr and Instagram account, and I set them up to post. I spend a good 30 minutes a day looking at this making sure I have enough content – I also arrange this too by any events such as Pitching, Agent calls or Query trends on twitter (Next one is on the 5th December!) Doing follow trains on a weekly basis and tweeting my favorite literary quotes and Scientific facts that fit in with my book and my theme/aesthetic. I now know, if anything were to happen and I couldn’t go on the internet between now and March, my feed’s could continue on and I wouldn’t have to worry or stress about content.

5. MAKE NOTES – I can’t stress this enough, as my final point, You’ve been at work all day, you go home, can’t be bothered to write – its fine! Don’t worry. When inspiration gets you at 3am, just make a note of it, and deal with it later – don’t loose sleep, you will always get inspiration at the weirdest of times. Just be ready for it.

So – that’s my advice, could be total garbage but incase it isn’t – you are welcome.



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