How you keep focused during long writing sessions…

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It’s terrible when you have so much writing to do and you can’t focus because its overwhelming.

This is a familiar feeling to me, the feeling of being overwhelmed, so I have a routine I try to get into when I know I have something intense to do – this doesn’t just apply to long writing sessions, it can be anything – a work day, housework or a night out – anything you feel overwhelmed by.

I plan. I make sure I know exactly what I need to do and what is expected of me (or what expectations i have set for myself!) I write it down, and decide what time I am going to start.

If its at home, I make snacks, food keeps your brain going, and for every treat (my treat and guilty pleasure is Dr Pepper) I make sure I have a large bottle of water, because Water really does give you a clear mind.

I wear comfy clothes. Screw fashion and being uncomfortable – if you feel settled in sweat pants, Jammies or boxers – wear it. Being focused requires no distractions, and being uncomfortable is the worst distraction.

Music. I have playlists or podcasts for everything, writing for me is easily done when i have an appropriate soundtrack. 80’s electronica is my jam at the minute, but sometimes, i go from metal, to classical – whatever helps you focus.

Being alone.

I can’t write with other people around me, like weird vibe stealing vampires, other humans when I am writing for some reason change the style, i start writing as if they can see what I’m typing and are judging me, instead of just letting my mind go to work – so yes I always write alone.

Hopefully you have found this a little bit helpful, last one isn’t good for social situations but when I need to focus at work I tend to put headphones in, next best thing to being alone.

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