World Building for your fiction book. It’s easier than you think!

Hello again!

So when I began writing this book ( a long long long long time ago.) I only had a name, an idea of the preface, and how it would end. As I began typing the words out, stopping, reading it again and fluffing it up (as I call it!) I realized that each time I went back, my brain added more, and more and more each time.

My book was inside me, and it was writing itself, I am a mere vessel for the words in my brain, the creative scope has taken over and as soon as my fingers get near my keyboard or my ipad, off they go, and before I knew it, I had a notepad with words in that I had created and universes I had watched on documentaries that I wanted to link together to go in my book.

I managed to get a rather large whiteboard up in my house, and created spider diagrams linking each place, then each place had a planet, each planet had a race name, each race name had a language, each race looked or behaved a certain way, some races knew of others, we only knew of one – Trappist (check out chapter 1 release on the 1st December for more information!)

But either way, before I knew it I had a character index, a dictionary and a map of my world, on a whiteboard. All from my miniscule pea brain being let loose.

And I tell you what – as someone who has suffered with Bipolar and anxiety (oh here we go mental health card – yeah heard it before pal!) writing for me Is the best form of therapy – I am unapologetically myself, unrestrained and free to do/say and be whoever I wish!

I wonder if other artists feel the same when they paint or create music? they must do, because its also like an addiction. I don’t think I will ever be able to stop writing now.

anyway, let me know how you managed to create your world – I know there are worlkd building guides out there but I didn’t actually use one!

thanks for reading.

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