Sneak Preview…


My heart was banging inside my ribcage trying to escape the insane situation I had landed myself in. I looked down and saw the rain bouncing off the glistening blood red surface, I felt hazy – like this was familiar to me. But I still needed to figure out what was going on.

My eyes came to focus on the scene – ok. Yeah. I am stood on a car. The beading of the water on the surface was mesmerizing – my boots looked dull against the light reflecting on the surface.

I lifted my left foot, slipping slightly – slamming it back down as I tried to regain my balance.

I am stood on the roof of a car.

It’s raining so hard I can barely see my surroundings, the cascading noise was so familiar, but this rain was powerful – so hard it was hurting my skin, looking around I could see I was in some sort of car park, it was dark, empty – apart from the car I was stood on. And the rain, it felt like It was piercing my skin still. It’s so dark, I don’t recognise my surroundings, and it was caged fencing surround me, like what you would expect to see surrounding a prison yard – but I have no memory of being in a prison.

I slowly turned around, my hands stinging from the cold, as I looked into the darkness I could see the car was parked in front of a building directly behind me, it looks like some sort of sports hall, towering over me – it’s too Dark to see details but I could see a door, a grey fire door, slightly open. Light seeping from inside.

Ok, I need to get down.

That’s when I noticed the noise; it wasn’t silence behind the shattering of the rain on the ground. Focusing in I could hear a rumbling coming from somewhere – too vast for me to pinpoint the direction it was coming from…….

To be continued……

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