Is Social media helping my book? Or am I crazy for trying?

So, recently I have got a social media account manager to help me mass upload to twitter and Instagram, I wish I could link it to my Tumblr but unfortunately you can’t link it to the one I use which sucks. I want to get more interest in the buzz about my book, I’ve done a lot of research and it really does come down to one thing. Money. And this makes me sad – because, it’s not like a couple of hundred, its thousands. Thousands on promoting, advertising – before you even get noticed. And to get noticed, you need to be able to prove your worth, what market you think it suits, who you think will read it, what books are similar that have sold really well – how much they have made. And to me, sadly – this is not being an author, or a writer – this is being an entrepreneur.

Something that doesn’t interest me in the slightest! I am not business minded; I write because I enjoy it, I do think my book is good – captivating and interesting. I have written it because I haven’t found a book yet that fills this void I had, so that’s what triggered me to begin writing it again, and now – still I in the first editing stage, I am buying all sorts of books about self-editing, reading blogs on what words I need to cut out and begging twitter for beta readers to help me decide if people really do like my book or not. Which in honesty – one of my best friends read it, and she loved it. But of course she is bias. Although I do believe if it was garbage she would have told me, as she isn’t scared to tell people the truth, especially me. So, what do I do? Keep writing in the hope someone somewhere notices it? Stop writing, be realistic and it’s probably not going to get scooped up? For now, I will carry on. I never push myself, and the fact I have finished a book is a huge achievement for me. So I will research and read and plan. And hopefully, one day I will look back at this post – and I will have at least one book – or something published. I hope!

And for now, I will pre load all my twitter so people don’t get bored of following me, and I am releasing chapter 1 on my blog – yes right here, on the 1st of December.

I hope you will subscribe and check back in to give it a read.

Thanks millions.

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