The Crow Series – an introduction

So, here goes nothing.

I have spent 3 years writing a book I probably started scrambling together at the age of around… lets say 13? I’m not divulging my age but lets just say that was a long time ago, so its taken a long time for me to get the courage to share this with people.

I have been a victim of short term memory issues, and being unable to concentrate or remember things unless they are ridiculously unimportant, weird or unnecessary, which as an aspiring writer became a good tool to have. My love for science fiction, the knowledge of the unknown, space, physics and reading has meant it’s been frustrating for me trying to learn these things when I was younger, so if I couldn’t remember the exact details of the show I watched that explained theories on how to bend space for travelling to distant galaxies, I would have a notepad at hand, and make notes, and weeks later, when i wanted to have intelligent conversations with people, out popped the notepad, which was now a mess of jumbled memories, and as I couldn’t remember the structure of the idea, and all the cool things I had learned, I filled the gaps.

I made it up.

I didn’t want to be stupid in front of my friends, I wanted to join in, but sometimes – the puzzle just wouldn’t fit in my brain, I couldn’t piece it back together. And when I re-visited it and realized my version of recollection was totally wrong, and explained why people looked at me like a mad person, I decided “screw them” my version was better in my head anyway.

The fun in writing for me, is to fill in the gaps. Create your world, what do you visualize, and fantasize about? what do you think is cool? what interests you?

I love science, and space, but the fact is, I’m too old, and I’m not smart enough. I have very little confidence when it comes to holding a conversation and my brain shuts off in groups of people, my mouth goes to auto pilot and before i know it, everyone see’s me as the weirdo in the room. So for me, writing has been more than a form of escapism, it has been therapy, justification for my abstract reinvention of the truth when my memories let me down and my peace.

I have been to the Space Center, I have gazed up at Atlantis and read all the notices about the facts of the incredible machines, technology and the research – and I couldn’t tell you a thing, apart from how it made me feel, and my brain’s own interpretation of it, so that’s where I think writing is my strength, my superpower.

I want to reach to people who feel like there is a gap in the reading world, I would like to find a group of people that see my book as different and interesting, and hopefully people will enjoy it as much as i have. My aim is to try to keep it as real as possible, and i have a brilliant support network around me that pulls me back in when my brain gets a little too confident and throws something ridiculous in there.

Saying that – its writing, its fiction, nothing is ridiculous in the fiction world…right?

So anyway. I intend to keep this blog as anonymous as I can, as after all, this isn’t about me. It’s about my book. Which if you haven’t guessed is Science fiction, and as I mentioned earlier, has been a long time in the making.

So, I’m sitting here on the 4th November 2019, the first draft is finished, apart from the last chapter which I shared the idea I had to one of my closest and oldest friends who approved, so along with my first edit, from the feedback I have from my many beta readers (Thank you Twitter community!) and my teacher best friend, I also need to write the final chapter.

I will post edits, and the first chapter here at some point, to Gage interest, and hopefully make some more new writer friends, as I am overwhelmed at the support I have found in talking to other writers and editors on twitter.

Anyway, if you want to talk or are interested in knowing more about my book, tweet me @thecrowseries.

Thank you for reading my first post/rant.


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